PPI and Intercope – two market leaders in interbank communications join forces

SEPA creates uniform payment processes in the euro zone. Instant Payments will bring along another big innovation for the financial industry: payments shall be available to the recipient within few seconds. What’s more, it shall work across borders and around the clock in the euro zone. The realisation of Instant Payments poses great technical challenges for banks as their IT and communication systems are primarily intended for the processing of mass payments.

One such challenge is the transfer of Instant Payments between banks and clearing houses. The transfer must be high-performance, inexpensive and secure. These three criteria are crucial if Instant Payments is to become “the new normal”. Financial institutions thus need a solution that enables a fast transport of payments and at the same time offers functionalities for the distribution of communications onto multiple networks. Furthermore, journal and retrieval functions should be centralised and independent of the communication channel.  

PPI AG and Intercope – both Hamburg-based IT companies leading in their European market sector – have thus forged a partnership to offer the financial industry a solution that is designed specifically to meet the coming challenges of Instant Payments. PPI specialises in payment systems and is the European market leader in EBICS. Intercope has decades of experience in connecting banks to the SWIFT network and with its BOX Messaging Hub software is equally leading in its market sector.

The joint solution enables banks to seamlessly integrate their EBICS, SIANet and SWIFT communication channels for connecting clearing houses, in particular Instant Payments to EBA CLEARING. Additionally, the same solution can be used to create an interface to EBA STEP2 and the Deutsche Bundesbank, or a bilateral interface to another financial institution. With this joint solution, it is possible for the first time to control and manage multiple communication networks via a central messaging hub. Furthermore, local networks such as EDItran, PeSIT or RNI can be integrated.

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PPI AG has been working successfully as a consulting and software company for banks, insurances and financial service providers for over 30 years. Our customers in the project business appreciate our uncomplicated and flexible approach. We combine expert knowledge with technological proficiency to bring projects to a successful conclusion. We work in payments throughout Europe and with our standard product portfolio occupy a leading market position. As steadily growing family-owned stock company, PPI AG and our over 500 employees are entirely focussed on our customers’ success.

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INTERCOPE is a private, independent company founded in 1982 in Hamburg, Germany. More than 1,000 customers in 90 countries, including more than half of the top 200 banks world-wide, benefit from the solutions and technologies of the highly specialized niche provider. With local support in Australia, France, Italy, Spain, UK and the USA, INTERCOPE maintains long-term relations with major enterprise customers, many of them for more than 20 years, and works closely with major partners such as Atos, IBM, PPI and SWIFT.