BOX replacement projects

Intercope are the replacement and migration project experts. Customers are provided with expert project support for the migration to our BOX solution; from our implementation, support, development and management teams.

Quite often, BOX replaces one or several other systems such as

  • SWIFT software solutions, such as AMH, SAA
  • Proprietary or not fit for purpose in-house developed solutions
  • Legacy SWIFT interface solutions such as Merva and MINT
  • Other vendor solutions such as Stelink or IBM WBI-FN/Sterling Commerce/FTM

BOX was specifically designed to help customers migrate seamlessly by using emulation, i.e. allowing back-end applications to remain unchanged using our SAA emulation replacement.

We have some 40 migration projects done and we are highly skilled and passionate about what we do. 

All of these projects have realised significant benefits and savings for our customers: