Intercope launches BOX Academy

Training courses BOX solution

Interope has announced the opening of its highly anticipated BOX Academy, offering professional training classes for users working with or maintaining BOX at customer sites. The week-long training sessions – running from Monday to Friday – can be held at a customer’s choice of location or at the Intercope headquarters in the heart of Hamburg.

The Academy offers modules on BOX Installation and BOX Basic Configuration, enabling technical people to install, configure and operate a BOX environment. Attendees will receive thorough training including practical hands-on sessions on installing and configuring BOX with the support of the trainer. These modules are planned and arranged around customer schedules. The courses can run on consecutive weeks or with a break in between. Additional modules to cater for a wider audience and to support further stages in the work with BOX are in development.

Interested in the BOX Academy? Come and graduate with us!

Learn more about the BOX Academy here.