Intercope achieves ISO27001 certification in record time


The ISO27001 certification is setting standards to ensure information security is provided at the highest level. It is the golden standard to show that appropriate security processes are in place.

In order to meet customer requirements and future market standards, Intercope started the certification process in November 2018. The team worked through all requirements, improved existing processes where needed and put on-going training procedures for all employees in place.

Intercope received the certification in December 2019; making it through all set up stages and audits. “We set ourselves a strict target to finish the certification process by end of 2019 and were delighted that we managed it without any outstanding issues. This was possible within such a short timeframe because “information security has always been core to Intercope’s product development”, says Arwed Tschoeke, Compliance Manager at Intercope.

Intercope has a strong background in security related achievements. In December 2017, Intercope became one of the first SWIFT software vendors to be certified by SWIFT for CSP with completion of customer reference confirmation for FIN, FileAct, InterAct and RMA.