Website with a new Look and Feel

Intercope are pleased to present our new Website which incorporates a new look and feel and many new functions and capablities. The main idea behind this redesign was to update the site to match up with current thinking on website design and appearance. In addition we wanted to improve the visibility and readability and to ease the navigation. But above all we wanted to make the site more dynamic and interactive. Starting with this post we will provide frequent updates about new product developments and other relevant articles about Intercope. We recommend you subscribe to this blog and then you will be automatically notified whenever new items are published. We strongly encourage you to post your feedback on any aspect of the site, including content, design and facilities, so that we can improve the site further and make it more relevant to your needs. If you think we should report or comment on any specific theme please send an email to Horst Luehring We hope you enjoy our new Website and we thank you for your help via your feedback.