INTERCOPE submits self-attestation and receives interim certification for SWIFT CSP

INTERCOPE has become one of the first SWIFT software vendors to complete the SWIFT Customer Security Programme (CSP) self-attestation for SWIFT global business services; FIN, RMA, InterAct and FileAct.
The growing threat of cyber attacks has never been more pressing. Recent instances of payment fraud in bank environments demonstrate the necessity for industry-wide collaboration to fight against these threats. Safeguarding security across the banking community is paramount for INTERCOPE and our Customers. With the completion of BOX Messaging Hub’s CSP self-attestation, we look forward to implementing the required changes with our Customers, ensuring they are ready for their own CSP self-attestation by the 31 December 2017 deadline.

The BOX self-attestation is available on the SWIFT website.

Customers can contact INTERCOPE to obtain more details on CSP certification.
We would be delighted to provide advice and help!