MessagePlus/Open V4 Release 3 general available

MessagePlus/Open V4 Release 3 is now general available with several new features and significant enhancements including the following:

64 bit version

MessagePlus/Open is available as 64 bit application for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Server 2008, Server 2008 R2, AIX and Solaris. A Linux version is planned. Distributed installations with components running on 64 and 32 bit servers are possible.

Web Service for message creation

A new message creation web service is provided in order to expand the possibilities to send faxes and receive status information in SOA oriented environments including a broad set of optional parameters. The results of such a transmission order can be obtained by a ”GetStatus” operation.

Database Gateway supports transmission orders and MSSQL

The MessagePlus/Open database gateway has always been able to retrieve the results of transmissions (transmission reports) generated by other integration modules. Now in addition it is possible to generate transmission orders through this gateway.  Microsoft SQL Server is now supported as well as DB2 and Oracle for the database gateway.

LDAP UPM Synchronization

The LDAP UPM Synchronizer is a tool to synchronize the MessagePlus/Open User Profile Management with external directories via the LDAP protocol. Attributes of the external directory can be flexibly mapped to properties of MessagePlus/Open users. The tool can be scheduled to run at predefined times to automatically update the MessagePlus/Open UPM e.g. once a day.

Single Sign On with Windows credentials

With the single sign-on feature it is possible for a user to only log in once at his Windows domain and gain access to the MessagePlus/Open Web-Client automatically without a separate login procedure.

Scheduled message processing

Application queues may now have a status “Started” or “Stopped” which can be controlled manually or by an automatic schedule. For a “Stopped” queue processing will be halted until the queue is started again either manually or automatically.

MPO Transfer enhancements

The migration of data from one MessagePlus/Open instance to a second system (e.g. from a test to a production system) has been enhanced by an additional migration option of the “MPO transfer” tool.

GUI performance enhancements

Database optimizations have been implemented to accelerate access to message journals and application queues under various filter criteria. If you need  more information about MessagePlus/Open V4R3 please contact