Longterm commitment to fax

Fax server marketplace trends

The fax server market is in a consolidation phase and growth rates of server systems have declined in recent years. This is despite the fact that fax continues to be an essential component in many critical business processes. Fax has many advantages given its real-time nature, the difficulty of interception and the simplicity of fax devices. Several traditional providers of fax solutions have accepted the stabilisation of the marketplace and decided to concentrate their corporate strategy and main growth efforts on other business lines. Others have become part of larger Enterprise Content Management and Data Capture companies for which the fax business is at best of minor interest to their corporate strategy and revenue. This consolidation and reduction in interest by major players is a process that is expected to continue

Ongoing investment and modernization

As a long established, privately owned independent company not influenced by the stock market and private equity crises INTERCOPE is committed vis-à-vis our current and future customers to making ongoing investments in the Fax market segment and to offering a solution utilising the latest technology standards and providing high availability options and high quality 24/7 support.

Highly attractive trade-in options

Envisaging and recognizing the changes taking place in the traditional fax server market INTERCOPE is offering highly attractive trade-in options for current users of the increasing number of fax solutions which are no longer seen as strategic by their vendors. These options help companies to protect investments and at the same time remove some of the risks associated with products whose future is no longer certain.