INTERCOPE releases Web based customer portal

So far the interaction between customers and the INTERCOPE support was based on several communication channels such as email exchange, phone, and a tool to upload log files, configuration data etc. and to download software fixes and other data. Now a new Web based customer portal unifies these channels and enables customers to track online the status of support cases.
  An authorized person from a BOX or MPO customer can open a support case which may refer to a problem in his installation(s) or a change request. The customer assigns a priority to the case corresponding to the impact of a problem on the system performance and his business processes. The INTERCOPE support assigns a person responsible for this case and documents the progress in processing the case as “activities” and by actualizing the “status” of the case. Additional information such as log files can be uploaded by the customers directly within the context of the support case.

Each support case is assigned to a “project” which corresponds to a specific customer installation such as a production, test, or development system. The user can customize the views on support cases and track only open cases or review also closed cases. Email notifications can be automatically generated for status changes and it can be configured who should receive these notifications.

A “roadmap” shows planned deliveries for each installation and the user can review in which delivery his issues or change request shall be resolved or implemented. Under “downloads” these deliveries are associated to downloadable files and specific documentation for a delivery is stored in a “documentation area” once an implementation has been completed. So “roadmap”, “deliveries”, and “documentation” provide a comprehensive overview about all past and future deliveries and their content. First practical experiences with the new tool show that cooperation between customers and the INTERCOPE support gets more transparent and customers already using the tool appreciate that they are always aware of the actual status of any case and that they can easily comprehend all processing steps which occurred to a case.

The deployment of the tool is currently in a pilot phase. If you are an MPO or BOX customer and interested in using the new tool please contact the INTERCOPE support.