Welcome to INTERCOPE

Globally available

INTERCOPE  has developed solutions and applications for mission critical business communications since 1982. Working closely together with partners such as IBM, SIA, and SWIFT these products and services are available globally and operate 24 hours, 365 days of the year at the heart of leading enterprises around the world.

Business communication and financial message transfer

Utilising more than 25 years of experience, INTERCOPE is committed to providing enterprise solutions in the following areas:

  • High performance messaging systems enabling organisations to automate a wide variety of communications between customers, suppliers and other business partners.
  • A complete financial messaging solution including interfaces to SWIFTNet and complementary financial networks.

Fax, SMS and email processing

MessagePlus/Open (MPO) manages incoming and outgoing communication traffic on a massively scalable basis. Currently supported message types include fax, e-mail and SMS. MPO seamlessly integrates with all major Email, Content Management, and ERP solutions and any business application can be connected easily through open interfaces such as Web Services or other XML-based methods.

A complete financial messaging solution

BOX Messaging Hub (BOX) provides a complete end-to-end SWIFT messaging solution and supports complementary networks and protocols such as SIANet. BOX addresses the complex business needs of today’s financial institutions including their requirements for high performance, high throughput, high availability and significant cost savings.