Intercope’s BOX has SWIFT attested for Cross Border Payments and Reporting Plus (CBPR+) for ISO 20022

BOX is providing ISO 20022 validation, management, transformation and importantly migration/coexistence with the existing MT based standard for UK CHAPS, Euro TARGET2, HK CHATS, SG MEPS with US high-value – FED & TCH to come. BOX is now implementing these transformations through configuration instead of coding and customers can manage these transformations in the BOX GUI with the latest BOX release (24.3).

By 2025, all high value payment systems of all major reserve currencies will have moved to ISO 20022. But for now, the end of 2022 marks a big milestone for everyone involved, when ISO 20022 will come into action and run alongside MT (FIN) in coexistence until 2025.