DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH – MessagePlus/Open contributes to air traffic safety in Germany

Being in the centre of Europe the airspace over Germany experiences some of the world’s heaviest air traffic densities. Some 6,000 air-traffic controllers, engineers and technicians of the German Air Traffic Control organisation, “Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH”, ensure the smooth and safe passage of up to 10,000 flights daily.

Guaranteeing the safe and efficient control of these flights puts the highest demands on both people and technology. MessagePlus/Open plays an important role in this critical environment to facilitate the risk-free journies of passengers, crew and airplanes.

“AIS and AAIS provide pilots, airports and airlines with all the necessary information in a safe and timely manner. Not once has the system been down or faulty. In this system simply everything has been considered – it is a perfect solution. MessagePlus/Open makes an invaluable contribution to air traffic safety in Germany” concludes Norbert Konle, manager Flight Data Processing at Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH. To read the whole story click here.