Status of BOX for SWIFTNet certifications for SWIFTNet 7

SWIFT has (interim) certified BOX for SWIFTNet for FileAct Store-and-forward and FileAct Real-time for SWIFTNet 7.0. The customer site implementation has been successfully completed by Bank Austria and the results of these tests are currently being reviewed by SWIFT.

Click on this link to find the conformance statement on the SWIFT Website. Further enhancements and additional functionality will be implemented in upcoming releases in accordance with customer requirements.

The certification tests for BOX for SWIFTNet InterAct Store-and-forward functions have also  been completed and the results are being reviewed by SWIFT. Once this review is complete the customer site implementation will follow.

The certification of RMA for SWIFTNet 7 is scheduled for September 2011.