Intercope in Chat Room Sessions at SOFE – 

From November 27 – 29 2012 the SWIFT Operations Forum Europe (SOFE) took place in the Intercontinental Hotel in Frankfurt, Germany.

In the exhibition area, immediately after the opening plenary session, Intercope attached many visitors with five short attention-grabbing presentations in the 15 minute “chat room sessions”. Later on, many SWIFT experts from various European banks took the opportunity to learn more about Intercope’s comprehensive SWIFT solution, BOX for SWIFTNet, via live demonstrations and in-depth technical discussions. Reinhart Laumer, President and CEO of Intercope, summarized his experience of the event by saying “I think SOFE provided a great opportunity to present BOX for SWIFTNet in detail to a knowledgeable audience and it was very instructive to see how our team could offer profound solution approaches to specific problems in SWIFT operations”.  

Reinhart Laumer, CEO and president from Intercope in a chat room session

Reinhart and Jens Huser, head of development with Intercope, in intensive discussions