BOX Release V3R15 general available

As of September 1st. 2012 the new Release of Box for SWIFTNet V3R15 is generally available including major enhancements and new functions.

SWIFT standards 2012
The Swift Standard Release 2012 is available as part of BOX V3R15 and with Fixpack 9 for BOX V3R14

InterAct and FileAct
While the messaging interfaces for InterAct and FileAct were already part of BOX V3R14 these services are now completely integrated into the BOX server. This mean that the rich set of message processing functions previously available for FIN messages can now also be applied for InterAct and FileAct including:

  • Manual message entry, repair, and message validation including 4-eye principle
  • User Profile Management
  • Journals and Application Queues
  • Simplified error handling in specific error queues
  • Programmable message workflow and routing capabilities
  • Queue monitor


  • Support of all MX (ISO20022) messages including message entry, validation against XML schemas, routing, printing etc.


  • Files received from SWIFT can be manually stored on disk – a function in particular useful when directory information has been requested from SWIFT.
  • Files can be sent manually – a function which had previously been provided by SAG 6, but is no more available with SAG 7

FIN LT session traffic monitor
This new tool provides real-time information about the actual message throughput and ACK wait times allowing to detect at a glance in how far the actual SWIFT Window size is utilized and sufficient for the current data traffic. 

Message specific data warehouse tables With the new release specific data warehouse tables are available for the following types of messages:

  • FIN
  • RMA
  • MX
  • SEPA
  • FileAct

With this approach specific data of specific messages can be better reflected in GUI elements such as journals and applications queues. Significant performance enhancements could be realized by an index structure adopted to the specific search criteria applicable to the different message types.

First deployment with Bank Austria
BOX V3R15 has been already successfully deployed with Bank Austria. Rudolf Bsonek, responsible for the administration of BOX with Bank Austria summarizes: “This new release was quite easy to deploy. With FIN it just went perfect and some minor issues with FileAct could be resolved within the first days. The new functions and in particular the more tight integration of InterAct and FileAct services really ease the administration of the product significantly.”