Box now with FIN CBT, InterAct and FileAct

Intercope’s BOX for SWIFTNet was designed to address all MERVA functionality, such as back office integration, a user interface, manual message processing functions, and routing and printing services while the SWIFTNet messaging interfaces were initially provided by third party products.

Working closely with customers Intercope made the decision to develop BOX for SWIFTNet further as a total replacement for existing SWIFT solutions including MERVA.

Today BOX for SWIFTNet includes both FIN CBT functions and InterAct and FileAct services, allowing direct connection to SWIFTNet via SAG without requiring an additional SWIFT connectivity solution. This actual release is generally available for customers as of today. Here you find the conformance statement for the BOX for SWITNet FIN interface on the SWIFT website.

The FIN CBT and the InterAct and FileAct services form a coherent part of the integrated BOX architecture and store their data in the unique BOX database. The actual status and various data of the SWIFT communication can be monitored real-time for each LT session with the „Session Layer Channel Monitor“.  In addition the „LT Session History“ provides comprehensive information about all messages exchanged including FIN, GPA and InterAct messages searchable by various criteria.

With these enhancements BOX for SWIFTNet now provides a complete SWIFT solution. From the lower communication protocol stacks up to sophisticated application functionality and integration options all aspects of SWIFT message processing – which so far typically required a mix of several software components – are covered in one system which is offered at a highly attractive price. The benefits of this approach are obvious:

  • Reduced complexity
  • Less hardware and software cost
  • Eased administration
  • Streamlined operation
  • Straight forward problem analysis
  • Significant cost savings

For more information read the White Paper giving a comprehensive overview about all functions and aspects of the BOX for SWIFTNet solution.