Box for SWIFTNet handles even higher Message Volumes

Box for SWIFTNet (BOX) was been designed right from the very beginning as a high volume system. Throughout its life development have continuously enhanced BOX to enable it to handle higher and higher message volumes. As a result of these efforts latest benchmark tests in the Intercope lab showed a transaction rate of 58.5 transactions per second (or over 210,000 transactions per hour).

This latest performance measurement has been achieved using a QuadCore 32 bit Linux System. 10,000 messages were downloaded from the SWIFT TANK file and fed into the system via MQ. These messages were processed using the standard BOX FIN workflow and transmitted via FMT (Financial Message Transfer). The generated ACK/NAK confirmations where routed to a backend application via MQ, to a printer or a BOX queue for manual intervention as determined by the workflow.

In parallel, for each SWIFT input message, a SWIFT output message was generated, received and routed to a backend application via MQ. In 342 seconds 10.000 SWIFT input messages and ACK/NAK confirmations and 10.000 SWIFT output messages were processed which corresponds to a throughput of some 200,000 message per hour.