Advanced Messaging Interface for SWIFT InterAct and FileAct

A new document is available for download explaining the major concepts of the Box for SWIFTNet InterAct and FileAct Messaging Interface. Read here the management summary:

SWIFT InterAct and FileAct become increasingly important

“In addition to the traditional FIN-service, InterAct and FileAct are becoming increasingly important for the exchange of financial messages between financial institutions via SWIFT. SEPA payments, Cash Management, and the handling of Exceptions and Investigations are just a few examples of the business areas where ISO20022 structured XML messages are processed by banks exploiting the InterAct and FileAct protocols.

All flavors of SWIFT InterAct and FileAct

BOX for SWIFTNet includes a Messaging Interface for the SWIFT InterAct and FileAct protocols which extends the scope of functions mandated by SWIFT for these services in several areas. Firstly, all flavours of SWIFT InterAct and FileAct, such as store and forward or real-time transmission and push or pull mode, are supported and can be configured and used in a very flexible way. Secondly, the communication with business applications is not restricted to the most commonly used interfaces based on IBM WebSphere MQ, but for situations where these facilities are not available, or desired, alternative interfaces can be used where the information exchange is based on a relational database or simple files.

SWIFT InterAct and FileAct complexity shielded for applications

Because of BOX for SWIFTNet’s flexible conversion plugins all the many interfaces are capable of understanding virtually any type of message format and generating valid FileAct and Interact messages from these formats using different message mapping profiles. So the complexity of protocol related information in the InterAct and FileAct protocols is completely shielded for business applications.

SWIFTNet 6.3 and  SWIFTNet 7.

The InterAct and FileAct Messaging Interface is provided for SWIFTNet 6.3 and for SWIFTNet 7.” To read and download the whole story click here.