Revised position of SWIFT for RMA for FileAct

We recently discussed in this blog “RMA for SWIFT when used by Corporates – timeline and migration scenarios“. In this article we stated that RMA for FileAct  will become mandatory with the SWIFT standard release 2012. This information has now been revised by SWIFT as communicated in the following statement from SWIFT:

“We hereby would like to inform you that the plan to mandate the use of RMA for FileAct in SCORE and to introduce it for other many-to-many FileAct services by November 2012 will be dropped. This is a result of the feedback that we have received from our customer community. Customers seeking protection from unwanted traffic will therefore have the following options:

1)    Make use of a release 7 compliant FileAct messaging interface to filter when sending and receiving files. The RMA records are created on a release 7 compliant RMA application by making use of the creation of local bootstrap records for unilateral protection.

2)    Make use of an existing black-list/white-list implementation to filter when sending and receiving files.  

A communication campaign has been initiated to inform the SWIFT community about this change.

There are currently no plans to mandate RMA for non-FIN services in the foreseeable future. The Application Service Profiles will be updated shortly to reflect this revised position.”