Workflow and Routing

The BOX routing component can analyse all fields of a message including header information, user or applications defined fields and information generated by BOX. Because of this analysis multiple routing destinations can be assigned including specific back office applications, printers, email addresses, and queues for manual intervention. In addition functions such as duplicate checking and interactions with external applications like e.g. embargo, filtering, and liquidity management solutions can be included in the message processing sequence.

Routing rules can be defined in a table based graphical user interface, or alternatively in a traditional analysis programming language.

  • The table based routing is business oriented, easy to use and mainly used for the definition of standard routing rules. The data can be exported to MS Excel.
  • The BOX programming language provides high level programming functions in addition to develop complex analysis and decision algorithms. It is e.g. used to implement MERVA routing per BOX standards.
Message analysis and interaction with external applications