User Profile Management

BOX comes with a sophisticated User Profile Management (UPM) facility, covering up to 8 hierarchical levels. This allows you to model even the most complex organizational structure. This powerful new capability eliminates much of the complexity found in legacy messaging systems when managing user profiles.

Below are the UPM levels for a dedicated SWIFT service provider. This allows completely independent organizations to define their organisational UPM map using their own virtual BOX instance. This does not impact the UPM configurations or message processing of other organizations sharing the same physical BOX system. This function and architecture makes BOX a favoured platform for service providers who manage the traffic of several financial institutions. INTERCOPE has several large service provider customers doing this today.

The user authorization for message processing functions is handled directly by BOX. The user authentication can also access external directories/repositories such as LDAP, RACF or other standards. In addition, single sign-on systems are supported with the user data synchronized with external directories via LDAP.

Segregation of Duties

User Profile Management
Role Allocation (n-Eyes)