Target2-Securities (T2S)

BOX is adapted to the specific requirements of T2S and supports both network providers SIA/Colt and SWIFT. BOX facilitates and manages the complete integration of customer’s business applications with the T2S platform providing the following functions.

Real-time and store and forward protocols
T2S digital signature
Data compression / decompression
Processing of end-to-end information for T2S
File size management
Oversize management
Debulking / bulking of T2S files and multiple messages
Message validation corresponding to T2S rules for ISO 20022
Conversion of business messages to T2S format
SWIFT MT 15022 & MX 20022 coexistence and conversion

Integrated with Liquidity Management Solutions including:

IBM Liquidity Manager, Worldline CRISTAL Liquidity Manager and TAS Aquarius