Why does MessagePlus/Open support SMTP?
In many cases it is much easier and more efficient for applications which generate email messages to interface with MessagePlus/Open instead of connecting directly to the corporate email system. In addition all formatting facilities of MessagePlus/Open can be used to generate corporate email attachments from pure text data.

Smooth application integration
A typical application example is a customer who generates thousands of account statements each day using a mainframe batch process. Traditionally those statements have been printed, enveloped and sent as letters by mail. Today the data is transferred through a simple MQ interface to MessagePlus/Open, which generates personalized documents and sends them to email and fax recipients.

Added value for received emails
MessagePlus/Open can also offer value-added services for the processing of incoming email. Email messages are frequently received in personal mailboxes although they should be part of a business transaction, which is handled in an ERP, Content Management or Workflow system. The content analysis capabilities of MessagePlus/Open allow the categorizing of such messages with regard to their business content, and the delivery of them directly to the appropriate back office system under the right classification or index class.