SMS – the most successful mobile data service
The usage of Short Message Service (SMS) spread rapidly during the last decade of the 20th century as a means of personal communication between users of mobile phones. Today hundreds of billions of SMS messages are sent each year and wireless messaging is the most successful mobile data service to have emerged during the history of the mobile phone industry.

Growing application landscape handling SMS
Complementary to personal communication, a growing percentage of the enormous SMS traffic is nowadays created and processed by automated systems:

  • Various kind of information is created by computer applications and automatically forwarded to mobile phones
  • SMS messages created and sent manually by mobile phone users are automatically processed by applications

Easy integration with MessagePlus/Open
MessagePlus/Open provides open interfaces for all kind of computer based SMS services which can be easily used by applications. All major integration modules such as the email gateways and file based interfaces support SMS messages in addition to fax and email, using the same easy to program syntax for all message types. To transmit and receive SMS messages MessagePlus/Open can use dedicated modem devices and supports all major protocols used by Short Message Service Centers (SMSC).