Platform Independence

The BOX server supports the following operating systems

  • Linux for System z
  • Linux for System p
  • Linux for Intel
  • Sun Solaris
  • Microsoft Windows

To provide optimised performance on a small footprint, the server code is written in C and C++. A uniquely developed abstraction layer encapsulates the operating system specific functions and makes them transparent to the rest of the code. Due to this technology, only one code base exists and the packages for each operating system are automatically generated.


BOX stores all relevant data in the tables of a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), which is a prerequisite for every BOX installation. ODBC and JDBC standard interfaces are used with products from different vendors. Currently BOX databases are supported for:

  • IBM DB2
  • Oracle Database


BOX provides a Web-Client written in JAVA and deployed on a Web Application Server. It uses business logic implemented in the Web Application and AJAX for communication with a Web Browser. It can be used with standard Web Browsers such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. The following vendor application servers are supported:

  • Apache Tomcat
  • IBM WebSphere Application Server
  • JBoss Application Server
  • Oracle WebLogic


BOX can run completely in a virtualized environment and supports the following technologies:

  • VM Ware
  • Oracle Virtual Grid
  • IBM z/VM
  • IBM Pure Systems
Several operating systems, database, and Web Application servers are supported.

Detailed hard and software requirements can be found here.