Optimized Staging

BOX customers typically deploy the product in at least 3 instances:

  • A development system
  • One or more test system, including UAT
  • A production system and often pre-production system

A new release or fix pack of BOX is normally installed and tested on the development system initially, then verified on the QA system, and finally deployed on the production system. To ease these deployment steps, BOX includes batch tools to migrate configuration data easily between systems. The data is exported in XML format. All relevant objects can be exported and imported including Workflow (routing) configuration, UPM configuration and Journal views.

Instance-specific parameters such as data base parameters, MQ parameters, and Logical Terminals are provided in replacement files easing the staging process. This enables an unattended, fully-automated, multi-instance staging process when required (over the weekend for example).

Unattended staging support from UAT to Production for multi-instances

Controlled by scheduled batch jobs

Support for automated staging through replacement variables

Replacing of system-dependent values, such as data base parameters

MQ parameters and Logical Terminals

Enables unattended fully-automated multi-instances staging process whenever required (over the weekend for example)