Smooth uninterrupted operation
MessagePlus/Open has been explicitly designed for continuous operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. One aspect of this design is a comprehensive monitoring and alerting facility allowing easy monitoring and supervision of all aspects of the system. These tools also allow support personnel to take preemptive measures to guarantee optimal system performance.

Automated system control
A monitor module continuously receives live signals and statistical information from each individual component. Any exceptional event or problem including, for example, a failure of a communication link is forwarded to the monitor and an appropriate recovery action is automatically undertaken.

Monitoring and alerting tools
Several tools are provided to access the collected system performance data:The MessagePlus/Open Service Manager allows support personnel to monitor the system status of all processes, to start and stop components and to view console output and logging information for analysis purposes:

  • The alert monitor gives detailed information about any informational warning or error message generated by any system component
  • The SNMP interface forwards SNMP traps to any SNMP monitoring application for centralized system-control using MPO’s registered Management Information Base (MIB)
  • The line monitor shows real-time the status of all fax channels
  • The queue monitor shows the current status of all relevant system queues