Message Warehouse

BOX includes a performance optimized Message Warehouse. This is separated from the database tables used for core processing, and is primarily to provide fast and flexible access to the messages handled by BOX. In addition, due to the modular architecture the Message Warehouse can also be deployed to provide access to messages from external data stores. Examples of such implementations include:

  • Message Warehouse for SEPA related messages
  • Customer specific implementations

Message specific data warehouse tables are available for the following types of messages:

  • FIN
  • RMA
  • ISO 20022
  • SEPA
  • FileAct
  • T2S messages / files
  • SIANet file transfer
  • RNI

Using this approach, specific message types can be better reflected in GUI elements such as journals and applications queues. Significant performance enhancements can be realized by an index structure adopted to the specific search criteria applicable to the different message types.

BOX Message Warehouse separated from BOX Server message processing table