Manual Message Processing

Financial message processing is automated to a very high degree. Typically, more than 99% of all messages are generated and processed by applications. However, manual message entry and related functions, such as message validation, and authorization and repair are critical for financial organizations for problem or contingency situations. BOX offers the most comprehensive functionality available in the industry currently for this including ISO 20022, FIN, and RNI messages:

  • An intuitive graphical user interface for message entry including immediate syntax checking at a field level
  • Complete online message validation including cross field validation and RMA check
  • Configurable authorization rules and cycles (“4 eye” or “6 eye” principle for specific messages and amounts)
  • An intuitive graphical user interface for message correction

Several levels of context sensitive online help are provided, together with error checking including field related access to SWIFT user handbooks when applicable.

Message Entry & Repair, Authorization, Investigation, Message Warehouse Visualization