Legacy Applications

Batch and online transactions
In all industries huge numbers of documents are generated daily by batch and online transactions. Typically this documentation is still printed, enveloped, stamped and forwarded to the receiver by snail mail – a highly time consuming and cost intensive operation. However these processes have reliably been in place for many years or even decades and are typically hard to change.

A strong point of MessagePlus/Open
MessagePlus/Open provides a broad range of easy to implement integration options for legacy systems running under any operating system. A very simple syntax allows these legacy systems to redirect their data to fax, email and SMS recipients. These include file based connection modules, emulations of network printers and even earlier protocols like SNA are still supported for program-to-program communication (LU6.2).

Amazing results
The immediate results of this integration are amazing:

  • An insurance company realized an ROI of 3 months just due to the fact that the delivery time of letters to lawyers was significantly reduced
  • A financial organisation observed a significant reduction in costs and improved customer satisfaction after providing the option for customers to select the delivery channel for account statements and other financial information and to receive SMS notifications
  • A medium sized industrial company achieved an immediate 6 digit Euro saving leveraging MessagePlus/Open for their mainframe based ordering process