ISO 20022

ISO 20022 is a universal financial industry message scheme defined in XML syntax by ISO (International Organization for Standardization Standard Organization). Since 2005 ISO 20022 messages have been developed for many financial business areas and ISO 20022 has evolved to be the standard for financial messaging.

BOX includes a complete ISO 20022 stack. This includes the implementation of specialized T2S Messages derived from ISO 20022 and special SSP messages used by the European central banks. Comprehensive functionality is provided for message entry, repair, and authorization, printing, retransmission, as well as for duplicate checking and validation across the standard.

Complete ISO 20022 stack

Entry / Repair / Authorization

Printing / Retransmission

Duplicate Checking / Validation

BOX-Link for InterAct & FileAct

Custom enhanced ISO 20022 messages such as SSP for Deutsche Bundesbank