Industry Standards

Based on open technologies
Legacy fax server solutions are often based on a black box concept utilising proprietary hardware components, proprietary data stores based on file systems, and other non-standard components. MessagePlus/Open (MPO) however has been developed entirely using the latest industry standard technologies. The most obvious examples are:

The entire core data of MessagePlus/Open is stored in Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) tables. This provides significant advantages including:

  • High availability data stores
  • Standard backup solutions
  • Disaster recovery
  • Highly flexible access to all data for reporting, accounting etc.

All data in MPO is encoded in UTF-8 Unicode enabling the system to properly handle all national character sets including Chinese and Japanese. Different characters used in various countries can be handled simultaneously, which is important when the system is connected to applications in different regions of the world.

Web technology

  • The MessagePlus/Open JAVA API and the Web client are deployed in standard Web Application Servers
  • Web services are provided as SOA components


  • Internally MessagePlus/Open is based largely on XML definitions
  • Application interfaces are provided based on XML and XSLT definitions