In 2012 INTERCOPE entered into a co-marketing agreement with IBM for support of their mainframe platform Z, in particular Linux for Z and the IBM Secure Service Container.

Between 1995 and 2012 IBM successfully resold INTERCOPE’s messaging products including BOX using an IBM PID.

INTERCOPE has been working closely with IBM since 1985, initially as IBM’s partner for telex as a complementary network to SWIFT. INTERCOPE’s telex solution was integrated with IBM’s SWIFT solution Merva and was rolled out world wide some 20 years ago.

In 1992 INTERCOPE became IBM’s partner for corporate fax solutions with 100s of customers world wide including IBM themselves.

In 2003 INTERCOPE developed parts of IBM’s WBI-FN SWIFT solution and implemented it with major customers world wide.

In 2005 INTERCOPE signed an OEM agreement with IBM Tivoli for TSM HSM for Windows still going strong with 100’s of customers worldwide.



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Watch the IBM video about INTERCOPE and IBM System z