Everybody does some email integration
The option to send and receive fax and SMS messages from an email client has been a must for any fax server solution for some time and today such a service is even offered free of charge by some service providers. However, the various solutions available in the market vary significantly with regard to reliability, scalability, availability and functionality, and often do not meet the mission critical needs of modern 24 x 7 business systems.

MessagePlus/Open does a lot more
MessagePlus/Open provides a high end email integration option based on a robust enterprise solution. For cover pages you may use Lotus Domino Notes forms, while as an Outlook user you will prefer to define these templates in Word documents. Attributes from the message itself can be dynamically inserted into the cover pages as well as data accessed from the directory entries of the sender and the recipient of the message.

Rich functions provided
Incoming messages can be routed according to the results of various analysis modules to mailboxes of individual users, other entities of the mail system, and optionally, in parallel, to further destinations. You may also use the formatting and routing capabilities of MessagePlus/Open to bridge the gap between applications and, for instance, upload emails to a content management solution.