Company Overview

is an experienced and highly reputable financial technology provider.
A team of passionate and competent German engineers
providing software in the high end interbank messaging market for over 30 years.
With a growing customer list of global tier1 financial institutions
Intercope are the ideal solution partner for now and the realities of the digitally disruptive age.

INTERCOPE products and technology
are available via direct sales or through reseller, OEM and white label agreements with major market participants.

Key Benefits using BOX

Gain operational efficiency
Consolidate all SWIFT onto one platform
Be 100% SWIFT CSP compliant

Replace what you had before
Track record of many successful replacement projects worldwide

Be part of an active user community
Participate in interactive creation of roadmap
Create a team of highly skilled BOX experts

Key Benefits embracing BOX

Solution for all interbank messaging standards
Consolidation of all message requirements
Access to all market infrastructures
Connectivity to all networks
Embracing new standards and market initiatives

Operational efficiency
Agility and speed of transformation
Complete payment and market scheme coverage
Compliance and security guaranteed
Scalable and independent delivery models

The platform for now and the future
Unlimited consolidation and replacement options
Greater transparency on the end to end process
Embracing new technologies and business models

Key Benefits consolidating onto BOX

Multi-network solution
Availability of all network interfaces
necessary to access old & new services

Domestic Network support
Old standard: Italian RNI
And new ISO20022 standard:

The platform for now and the future
Instant Payments RT1 & TIPS
ESMIG T2/T2S consolidation
as a standard evolution of the BOX single window