Our Solution – Back Office eXchange
Single Window for Interbank Financial Messaging

BOX is designed for and proven at large banks and service providers in Europe and North America.

BOX implements all requirements of Financial Messaging providers in one single window solution.
BOX integrates with the customer’s choice of infrastructure for OS, DB, WAS and networks providing
multi network and multi CSM connectivity and interoperability.

BOX supports SWIFT for FileAct, FIN, gpi, InterAct, RMA, STEP2, T2S and Instant Payments. 

BOX shields backend systems from the periodic SWIFT changes.
INTERCOPE has repeatedly participated in various vulnerability tests and updated BOX to shield against attacks and threats
– long before CSP was launched. Full scope, no compromise, Intercope conforms to all mandatory and advisory vendor controls.

BOX is continuously developed further in close cooperation with an active user community.
All customers are reference customers with repeat projects and expanding implementations.

INTERCOPE are the replacement project experts with many references.

Customers implementing BOX have achieved a 65% cost saving on their SWIFT operational costs.

Customers implementing BOX reduced SWIFT infrastructure cost by 50% while 
ensuring uninterrupted availability.

Customers implementing BOX reduced MIPS costs by 90% and expected to realize a cost saving of approx.
$750K USD annually.