Billing and Statistics

Box integrates with the customer specific billing infrastructure of service providers. Using a plug-in technology, individual interfaces can be provided.

Statistical data can be obtained in online queries by the BOX client using various filter criteria. The results of these queries can be exported for further analysis to tools such as EXCEL.

BOX comes with a predefined set of reports generated with BIRT (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tool – Open source). In addition, customized reports can be defined in BIRT.

The BOX statistics tool reads SAG event logs as a central data source and provides unified reports even where multiple SAGs are being used. The tool stores all collected data in DB2 or Oracle database tables and includes a set of standard statistics. In addition tools such as Crystal Reports or BIRT can be used to create any type of individual report.

The BOX statistics tool can run independently of the BOX server and even on a different platform such as z/OS, z/Linux, AIX, Linux, Solaris or Windows.