Health Care

Managing vast amounts of documentation
In the healthcare industry, a tremendous quantity of documentation is generated for each patient. This documentation includes appointments, prescriptions, patient records, test requests, clinical results, insurance claims, medical estimates and many other types of information. Much of this documentation has to be exchanged between the participants such as doctors, consultants, hospitals, insurance companies and public institutions. Traditionally these documents have been stored inside paper folders that easily grew to be hundreds or even thousands of pages thick and were physically passed between participants, with the result that records often got lost or delayed in transit.

Moving to digitised content
During the last two decades many medical institutions have tried to digitise this information, hold it in electronic folders and use electronic communication channels to speed up processing, increase security and privacy, and control costs. This has been a challenging process given the immense volumes of unstructured data that must be managed. Faxing has played an important role in this development by providing a convenient and ubiquitous input method, and is today responsible for large volumes of the interchanged medical information. Keeping this information secure and confidential throughout its life cycle is one of the major challenges in this process, and mandatory in order to comply with regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in the US, and equivalent legislation elsewhere.

Repository for 65,000 users
MessagePlus/Open (MPO) is successfully deployed in health care institutions including hospitals, health insurance companies, and government agencies throughout the world to meet these demanding challenges. Typically MPO is transparently integrated into generic solutions processing digitised versions of various content types. The benefits of this approach are immediate even with small or medium sized message volumes. However, the most impressive application is the deployment of MPO in some 250 locations in the USA, integrating 3,800 fax channels with one of the largest Enterprise Content Management projects every realized in the world: the automation of disability claims processing by the Social Security Administration – an $800 million project in which a mammoth electronic repository was implemented and accessed by 65,000 users across the country.